Why restaurants should choose MenusToTravel.com

  • We do not charge a setup or membership fee. It’s all for free! You only pay us 10% of orders received through our portal… you get your money immediately and we wait for ours
  • All orders are emailed directly to you… no waiting for your money, you process payments
  • Convenience! No missed orders because of busy phone lines
  • You can offer a choice of pickup or delivery as well as payment by cash or charge card.
  • Orders are always correct because we offer an area for special instructions. Eliminates wrong orders. orders
  • Our menu platform is customized to fit your needs. We can offer discounts on specials, as well as request special food requirements and a lot more.
  • Tips, if added, they go directly to your personnel.
  • All online menus are designed to match your website. All you must do is add a link on your website’s homepage “click to order online” and we do the rest. If you do not have a website, we will register a domain name and setup a one-page site for free
  • The best way to help grow your business in today’s world is through social media. If you are not doing this, we can help you with it