Life has changed in the restaurant business!
Pickup and delivery are the new “buzz-words”

We are offering a way to make it easier for restaurants to take orders online
No missed phone calls or wrong orders.

We add your entire menu to our secure portal for free.
Orders are emailed to you, including the charge card info which you process, or they can use the
pay cash option.

There are no extra fees to you.
All money goes directly to your account – no waiting to get a check.

You only pay 10% of sales placed through our secure portal. Just add a link on your website to your ordering menu on our portal. Menus can be customized to fit your requirements. You can offer discounts on selected dishes as well as request special food requirements and a lot more. The menu will contain only your restaurant’s information and logo. Don’t have a website, we will register a domain name & build a one-page website free.

This is a win, win, when you use
We can have you up and making money within 3 days

Contact us at:
or call 516.379.7912 and ask for Steve